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McAlister Drive

It took a while, but Christoph Krey finally realized he was not going to be a professional baseball player for the Boston Red Sox.

In the early years, growing up in the Boston suburb of Andover, Massachusetts, Krey would always have a sandlot glove in his back right pocket and a dusty piano at home. At the age of 5, his music loving friend invited him to attend private piano lessons at the New England Conservatory of Music. This is where Christoph first learned to look respectful with a bow tie and to sit up straight with his shoulders back. Because of his passion for the big show of baseball, Christoph was still shy about what music really meant to his life.

While attending Tulane University during the fall of 2003, Krey suffered through a life changing car accident in New Orleans, Louisiana. Not only was there the depression of a dream career ending, the physical pain kept him to his bedridden thoughts for months. This experience was the start of a long lasting love for songwriting with the hope and support of family and friends. His fingers began to touch the stings and keys again, while leaving the muddy seams on the diamond. Upon graduation, Krey had a catalog of songs that spoke the true reality of finding internal happiness and confidence. Sharing these songs with the city of New Orleans first, became the sound development that yielded birth to McAlister Drive, named after the first road Christoph lived on in the Crescent City.

In 2005, Christoph truly believed that New Orleans was the city for these songs to grow; however, Hurricane Katrina quickly moved him back to Boston. Losing a guitar and many other personal valuables, the depression came back without a blink. The question of his rights of passage took over and buried the hope of life like it was in New Orleans. About a year after Katrina, Christoph started to write again. His inspiration started to come from the new world around him and the astounding Roots/Americana scene in Boston. Going out to shows almost every night of the week shaped the friendships that started the McAlister family.

In late 2012, a record called the Goddess led to worldwide attention from Americana music lovers. Songs like “Ocean Skip Away” and “Devil’s Ghost” primed the listener to appreciate real feelings and heart in this anthology. Lead Singer Christoph Krey, always wanted something new and different onstage for every performance. He traveled to eventually start a family of the most talented musicians he could find. One might call it the roots revival, but for Christoph, it’s starting a life in the career that was naturally chosen for him.

McAlister Drive has become a presentation of the inspiring personalities, friends, and musicians that were found by living a liberated life.



The Goddess – (US)
September, 2012

  1. Devil’s Ghost
  2. Learning Curve
  3. Hands In Your Pockets
  4. Path
  5. Ocean Skip Away
  6. 22
  7. City Breathing
  8. Driving The Streets
  9. Best Dressed
  10. Missing Figures


Missing Figures – (US)
July, 2010

  1. Best Dressed
  2. Hands In Your Pockets
  3. Missing Figures
  4. Missing Figures ( Late Night Mix )